Xay a Tale
Zoned Out

Just sitting there to soaking in the moment. Every presences around you become irrelevant, it is just you and this moment. No matter who’s talking to you, if you don’t decide to come back to reality, no one can move you.

What’s so fansinating about Anime?

Like movies and tv shows, you have to find the one that match your taste. Sure anime have large eyes and head, but western cartoon have that too. Osamu Tezuka who was name god father of anime and manga for his influences in how modern anime and manga are like today; his art style were largely influenced by Walt Disney’s early animation. Beyond the history lesson, the main thing I love about anime is the passion the artist have for their art. The story telling can be so dark it will never make it to the U.S. Some of them are aim towards the male audiences with perverted characters designs and story telling which became the common definition for anime. There are so many variety from children rating to restricted rating aim at mature audiences. Stories aimed towards the young girls or older women. The sad truth of all of this is that the anime industry isn’t arm with the tools to deliver the anime we want to watch. Many anime have to be seen through other means.


It is the moment you hear someone call out you only to find out they were calling someone else with the same name. Standing there waiting like a fool when they didn’t come at the schedule time. Worst of all, they didn’t show up and only give a measly text saying, “Sorry, I couldn’t make it.” This was not the first time but one of many.

Deep Within

Glare from the shadows are a pair of eyes full of fear. Tears struck heart form from a torn reality. Shivering alone in the shadows waiting for someone to come along. A hand reaching in to help but was pushed away by doubts. In a never ending cycle that can only be destroyed by the one in the shadows.

Being a Fan

That fascination and that dream of them is so intoxicating that you wish you were by their side. It may not be love for the person as a love interest but a love for their accomplishment. Finding their every action to become a goal to be accomplish for yourself.

The Child Within

There are moments I find where I can’t help but to pull a silly smile on my face out of sheer happiness. It is that feeling of experiencing the most simple thing as a source of happiness. No need for expensive things because nothing can compare to this simple but meaningful moment.

The Wonders of Life

We are alive and so we eat. It may cost a life to save a life but no one seems to mind this fact. Those that do have forgotten that they are alive by using the life of another. I’m not talking about cannibalism, which I only see tolerable through extreme cases for survival as a last resort. What I’m talking about is we eat the dead flesh of animals as a mean of survival. If it is not the flesh of animals we take, it is the bodies of plants who help produce the air we breath. Life is a give and take process. We are not alive until we realize the value of everyday things.


Again I see repetition in front of me. Will it ever end? When I think back I find myself repeating myself countless time before and I will find myself doing that same action countless time more. Humans are bound to repetition. Look at history. Humans have not learned enough from the past, instead we repeat obvious faults.

Why do we Cry?

Tears come when we feel we are about or are going to lose something. No matter how insignificant it may seem to others, what we hold precious to us are the most important thing in our life. It may be the relationships we have, our material possession, our standing among our peers, our ability to carry a goal through, or just simply the thought of loosing a piece of ourselves. It is the fear of losing what makes us who we are. From there tears will fall.

Another reason why tears come is out of sheer happiness when you see yourself or someone else gaining something that make them or yourself feel like the most important person in the world. In the end, how our happiness is shape would cause us to fall in tears. If we loose it, tears will fall. If we gain it, tears will fall. The movement of happiness in our life is what cause us to be move to tears.

Look Up

Have you ever taken time to stare at the sky? Day or night, it is something to awe at. Doesn’t it make you wonder how life is so fragile. In one moment people are gone faster than the wind. In one moment you have already aged. In one moment you lost a chance to achieve a goal. There’s a vast amount of things we could have accomplish in just a single day.

When you look up in the sky. It feels so close yet so far away. If people can go to the moon because of a dream they never gave up on, then we as individual can reach our dream. As long as we don’t give up, reaching a dream mean determination and self discipline. Just look up. Have you lost your ability to dream?