Xay a Tale
Been Singing Lately

Sometimes the content and meaning of a song is irrelevant as long as you can dance to the upbeat sound of the song. Just fist bump to the beat and get pump to dance. Keep your spirit high on passion to dance like it’s nobody’s business. Raise that volume up and feel yourself getting that emotional high.

The Chase

Run, run, run. I tell my self. This can’t be. It must be a lie. I turn back and see the person responsible for all of this and yet, I can’t confront him. I fidget nervously as I stare blankly while I change my view from my feet to him. Oh no he’s walking towards me. I, I, I don’t know what to do or how I should respond.

I could clearly he was towards me but he just walk pass me and my face pacing heart settle down as soon as I realize he wasn’t looking at me. What is this contradicting emotions. I find relief in him not walking towards me and yet I feel pain that he is paying attention to someone else. Was I hoping he was looking at me?

Unconsciously I grab onto the back of his shirt stopping him. He looks back and I couldn’t hold it in anymore. I confess then and there. I love you. As soon as I realize what I said, I ran away from him as fast as possible before he was even able to respond.

Deep Within

What is this emotion that’s holding me back? That darkness that reside in what they call a heart. A hole of deep dark emotions that dares to drag me to the shadows. What ever I feel and dream of is absorb like a sponge by this darkness. Everything I feel would start to become ashes of nothingness. It is best to bid this forbearing emotion farewell so that I can dream of a better tomorrow.

Forgotten Dreams

There are a lot on my mind and as time pass I had forgotten about the goals I’ve set for my tumblr. This is my place to write as I please. In it is the essence of my experiences and dream, my story telling skills and goals. I wanted to write so that through my writing I can let go emotions that will devour me.

Peaceful Dream

Laying there on the soft grass as the sun beam down on me. It wasn’t too hot or too cold. Just the perfect weather to relax. I let myself become daze by the clouds above me and lose myself to my imagination. Closing my eyes to embrace the warmth of the sun I feel the bliss of life. When I open my eyes I am greeted by the beautiful sky.

I see myself enamor with my imagination as my eyes plays among the clouds. Wings sprout from my back and lead me along the clouds. My hands touch the clouds, but that is the extent of my imagination. The unknown throws me back to reality. Such bliss of unrestrained reality only exist in dreams. I look at my hand opening and closing it wondering what the sensation would feel like to actually touch the clouds.

Fine Tuning

Underneath all that flashy visual effects and camera angles. Remove the attractive actors and actress. What is the raw story telling you about society? And about life at it’s rawest form? What does it tell you about people’s experiences? Those experiences have shape their mind and carve them to be the person they are today. No one is perfect. Without failures, no one can go through the struggles of success. Practices, dedication, and hard work can give the average person the ability to do amazing things. If you believe, anything can come true, at least things of this realm.

Zoned Out

Just sitting there to soaking in the moment. Every presences around you become irrelevant, it is just you and this moment. No matter who’s talking to you, if you don’t decide to come back to reality, no one can move you.


It is the moment you hear someone call out you only to find out they were calling someone else with the same name. Standing there waiting like a fool when they didn’t come at the schedule time. Worst of all, they didn’t show up and only give a measly text saying, “Sorry, I couldn’t make it.” This was not the first time but one of many.

Deep Within

Glare from the shadows are a pair of eyes full of fear. Tears struck heart form from a torn reality. Shivering alone in the shadows waiting for someone to come along. A hand reaching in to help but was pushed away by doubts. In a never ending cycle that can only be destroyed by the one in the shadows.

The Child Within

There are moments I find where I can’t help but to pull a silly smile on my face out of sheer happiness. It is that feeling of experiencing the most simple thing as a source of happiness. No need for expensive things because nothing can compare to this simple but meaningful moment.